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Dried Seaweed

Dried Seaweed - Indonesia is rich in marine products, one of which is the result of Sargassum seaweed. Recently, our companies have cooperated with farmers to collect this natural resources of Indonesia .

In the processing, farmers were given counseling when grass sea ​​can be harvested, how to harvest, and how processing means to be a product that will fulfill subsequent processing industry standards. Not be separated from the handling full of quality, in addition to counseling steps, companies to exercise control over the quality of goods that are ready exported with the help of local people who have local given the full confidence of sub-standard quality and direct supervision of the company.

Our dried sargassum seaweed spesification:

  • Water content (moisture): <18​​%
  • Dust. Impurity: <4%
  • Size: Big Leaf and Small Leaf
  • Color: Brown, Black, and Green

As our new in sargassum seaweed business, our capacity ranging between 75-100 tons per month and will continue developed along with the company's mission to help reduce poverty in the region by adding capacity. This means providing the opportunity for more many farmers to help produce seaweed products Sargassum dry ready for export. (Sargassum Seaweed)