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Coconut Fiber

Coconut Fiber -  Coconut fiber or cocofiber or coir is a product derived from coconut which is one of Indonesia's export commodities belle. Indonesian coconut character is very supportive to attract the attention of foreign companies, like Dutch, German, China, Malaysia, and Korea to buy and use them as raw materials of some products such as mattresses, spring bed, silencer, rope, and various filter products.

As we know that the actual coconut fiber is waste material from copra farmers or coconut grain traders. With the existence of derivative products, the farmers are no longer have to throw it as rubbish. In accordance with the mission of the company, the economy of the people will take part helped by the existence of this industry, what was formerly waste can be converted into products that have high export value.

In the process of producing, the company emphasizes quality, in the hope of producing export commodities from Indonesia to compete in foreign countries. In addition, we also nurture entrepreneurs coconut fiber in various regions in order to be able to produce coconut fiber that have high quality standards and provide assurance to those companies not to worry in terms of marketing their products. Up to this time, NURARIA has a business relationship ties with several coconut fiber processing companies in Indonesia and help them in to develop the marketing of this excellent product.

Our coconut fiber specification:

  • Water content (moisture): <17​​%
  • Dust. Impurity: <5%
  • Impurity : <5%
  • Length : 8-25 cm
  • Color: Golden Brown & Natural